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Our Focus is on Education providers or Companies that provide services or products to Education providers.

Milan Equity Group is a private equity firm focused on providing strategic partnerships and capital to small and mid-size education companies. The team’s investing expertise covers all segments of the education industry.

We help our partners with:


Automate manual functions, Modernize systems


Employee recruitment processes

Operational Improvements

Build strong teams, platforms, and processes

Recurring Revenues

Move away from “one-time only” purchases

Brand Building

Depend on us to implement marketing fundamentals and execution


Identify what to protect and how Key Performance Indicators - We all need guideposts that tell us what’s working and what’s not.

At each of its portfolio companies, Milan adopts a partnership approach in which it works with management to execute on key initiatives. These include developing and growing new business lines, recruiting new team members and positioning the company for expansion. The firm believes in providing management incentives in the form of stock and bonus plans that reward strong performance and align interest.

Milan was launched by a group of entrepreneurs that understand the day to day of running a business and is currently seeking investment opportunities that meet the following:

Are you an Educational Provider?

Provide services or products to Educational Providers?

Annual Revenues between $200k and $3M?

Do you have an established management/employee team in place? Or are you willing to stay on?


We believe in a Win-Win-Win situation for our partners, companies, and clients of our companies, creating astounding value for everyone that is involved.

Why choose us?

Our priority 3 A’s system, places us in a league of our own


Our approach does not fit into a box, we have an open mind to craft a solution to your needs.


The attention we pay to the details, creates opportunities that are not seen.


We are able to execute quickly, and close faster than anyone in our industry.


Our team includes former CEOs, accountants & operational executives

Our team of investment professionals has assisted businesses and their management teams in reaching a variety of objectives:

- Diversifying family wealth and providing ownership liquidity
- Facilitating ownership succession
- Accelerating internal and external company growth
- Developing strategic plans
- Creating potential tax advantages from a financial structure
- Accessing high-level contacts and best practices

We have a battle-tested process that works and the success to prove it!


An experienced team is here to help with any of your questions

What kind of companies do you invest in?
Milan has a focused approach to investing. Our ideal candidate is a high-quality, growing company within the educational sector. We also partner with management teams to proactively search for and acquire companies.
What size companies do Milan invest in?
Generally companies with revenues between $200 thousand and $3 million, but we can invest in larger transactions.
How do you determine the value of a company?
Many factors go into determining an appropriate valuation, including market comparables and discounted cash flow analyses. Valuations also depend on other factors, including the size of an organization, its leadership within an industry, the attractiveness of its markets served, the quality of management, their vision and strategy, historic growth rates and growth opportunities, profit margins, barriers to entry faced by competitors, working capital intensity, and the degree of customer diversity.
How long does the transaction take?
Typically, our transactions are closed within 15-90 days after reaching an agreement on a letter of intent. The speed with which a transaction can be completed is impacted by a variety of circumstances and events. Many of these factors are controlled by the company and its owners: the quality of its books and records and management’s ability to provide timely and accurate information. Milan’s transaction team has years of experience, and they have operated their own companies, so they know what the experience is like from your vantage point and will do whatever possible to prevent you from taking your focus away from running your business during the process.
What role will I play after partnering with Milan?
Milan focuses on investing with strong management teams who have a compelling vision for growth and seek to continue leading the company. Our typical partnership involves management retaining some or all of their existing ownership in the company. We welcome keeping the entire team intact after the transaction—on the other hand, if a Founder wishes to reduce his or her role in the company after a transaction, we can work closely to ensure a successful transition for them.

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